The Bullseye

There are certain doctrines that constitute the core of the Christian faith, which we call the Bullseye at Momentum. These doctrines so comprise the essence of Christianity that to remove any of them is to make the belief system non-Christian. In short, according to Scripture, a person who does not hold to these essential truths cannot be saved.


Therefore, Momentum Church will not consider any individual to be an authentic Biblical Christian if they do not acknowledge these non-negotiable truths. Further, we will not endorse or fellowship with any church, group or organization that denies any of these essential beliefs.

At the same time, any individual or group which upholds these essential beliefs will be viewed as brothers and sisters in Christ by Momentum Church and will be given our right hand of fellowship, regardless of where they stand on other non-essential doctrines.

  • The Bible, as contained in the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God, and is sufficient for all we need to know about salvation and living in obedience to God.

  • There is one and only one God. This God has revealed Himself to us in the Scriptures as a personal being existing eternally in three persons (the divine Trinity): God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit.


  • The Lord Jesus Christ is God and has always existed. In obedience to the Father, He willingly humbled Himself by leaving the glory of heaven and entered the world as a man in order to serve as a personal substitute for those who would repent and trust in Him. He was born of a virgin, being fully human while remaining fully God. He led a sinless life and died an atoning death on the cross for the sins of His people. Three days later he rose from the dead in a physical, yet glorified, body. He ascended into heaven and now intercedes for His followers on the right hand of His Father. He will one day return physically to the earth to rule His Kingdom.


  • A person is saved, or justified through faith alone by an act of God’s free grace and not on any merit of his own. God pardons the sinner and accepts him as righteous in His sight, only because of the righteousness that Christ imputed (credited) to us.


  • Those who are justified will live eternally in the presence of God and those who are not justified will suffer eternal destruction in the lake of fire.

On the links below you can discover more on what we teach. If you have additional questions about our beliefs or practices, feel free to email our Elders.

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