Why Give Money?

As followers of Jesus, we give because we are simply following the example He set for us. Jesus is the most generous person who ever lived. In short, He gave us the ultimate gift. He gave us Himself. Therefore, in deep love and with great joy, we respond by giving our time, talent and money back to Him. We give financially so God's kingdom can be advanced on earth. The New Testament gives us four areas we are to support with our money.

We are to give in order to support:

  • Those Elders who serve the church full time in teaching and leading. 

  • Individual brothers and sisters in Christ who have a financial or material need - especially widows.

  • Those who serve full time in taking the Gospel to the lost such as missionaries and church planters.

  • The needs of the local corporate body such as church ministries, facilities, overhead, etc.

Although the New Covenant doesn’t demand a set percentage or amount we are to give like the Old Covenant tithe, it does clue us in as to the approach and attitude by which we are to give.


According to New Testament teaching, we are to give:

  • Willingly

  • Cheerfully

  • Generously

  • Regularly

  • Proportionately

  • Discretely

  • And at times, Sacrificially

If we give according to these approaches and attitudes, then no matter the amount, God will be honored, we will be blessed, and lives will be impacted. 

The following are ways in which you can give to the ministries of Momentum Church: 

Online Giving

When you use the giving option on this page, 97.75% of your donation goes to Momentum. (2.25% goes to Paypal fees.)

Cash & Checks

1) Give with cash or a check using the envelops and offering baskets that are passed during the Sunday morning service. (100% of your donation goes to Momentum.)

2) Use your bank’s automatic bill pay feature to set up recurring payments to Momentum Church at the address below. (100% of your donation goes to Momentum.)

3) Mail a check, payable to Momentum Church. (100% of your donation goes to Momentum.)

Momentum Family Church

P.O. Box 437

Columbia, IL  62236

Thank You for Giving

To make a donation to the ministries of Momentum Church, please click on the donate button.